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Spotify is one of today’s leading commercial music streaming services providing music content of two-tiered service to its users. This app is essentially useful in streaming music that provides entertainment to a wide range of audience with various preferences. This application is the best free online radio on the market, which provides an easy user interface. Some features of this application include browsing, and searching for the album, artist, genre, record label, and adding the record to the playlist, ensures that song playing is prioritized at all times. Spotify users can subscribe to a premium version or can simply enjoy…

Apart from being tasting good, wine is a complex topic that is intermingled with history, culture, geology and genetics. For quite some time, wines were a regional delicacy. Only certain regions in the world were able to produce certain kinds of wine, mainly because of the peculiarity of the region which helps in fermenting the wine. Now that technology has evolved wine is readily manufacturable in every part of the world and this made it affordable for every consumers. There are mainly six variants of wines (but in real there could be more) and a lot of sub-variants in them…

By Ajay kumar Selvaraj Rajagopal, Himavarsha and Saleena John

The definition of success is different to every musician. For some musicians, success means the ability to get food on the plate and pay the bills through making music. For some musicians, seeing their music playing on several music platforms might be defined as success. For other musicians, their wish might be to find their song on the Billboard Top 100 songs. Spotify gives an opportunity to all musicians to prove themselves as successful. …

This assignment is done to learn about the clustering of data using python. I used the minute_weather data set from Kaggle. Using clustering analysis, I am trying to generate a big picture model of local station weather. The data set has millions of data and I am creating 12 clusters from them.

Importing the Libraries

from sklearn.preprocessing import StandardScaler
from sklearn.cluster import KMeans
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from itertools import cycle, islice
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from pandas.plotting import parallel_coordinates
%matplotlib inline

Data Description

image courtesy: Netflix

One of the hardest things while deciding to binge-watch Netflix is ‘what to watch?’. Or if I have watched one good movie and if I want to watch a movie similar to it how can I know it? To come up with a solution, I decided to do a recommender system of movies and TV shows on Netflix based on anything I want to watch or based on a movie I have previously watched.

This project recommends movies and shows on the Netflix streaming platform depending upon what you have watched.

I am using the Netflix Movies and TV Shows

Yelp is an application that provides a platform for users to rate and write reviews about various businesses and events. The customers can rate from one to five stars. Yelp helps a customer to find the best business places based upon reviews and within closer proximity. I got the idea for this project while I and my friends were searching for good places to eat on our road trip to Washington DC. We are staying there for three days. So basically, this project focuses on food and restaurant categories of Yelp Web API.

Yelp Web API

Before describing Yelp API, let me give…

Saleena John

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